Free Family Photos in the Park 2013



Hi Everyone! We are once again offering "Free Photos in the Park" for 2013!


Time: Saturday, October 19th, 2013 8:00am - 4:00pm.

Location: Maramec Spring Park near St James, MO. Map  Meet us at the museum parking lot nearest the spring.

Who: Everyone is invited (even the family pet!). Feel free to forward the invitation to anyone who might benefit from this.



* - This is absolutely free, however Maramec Spring park charges a $5/car entry fee. If you find value in the images that I deliver and have a few dollars to spare, please consider a donation to the fight against cancer.


Here are some of the 48 families we photographed last year:



Hello everyone, and welcome to another exciting "Free Family Photos in the Park" day at Maramec Spring!


What do I wear?

We're outside, so think casual attire and fall colors. Suits, neon colors and bold patterns don't blend well with nature. Greens and browns will blend a little too well with the background for you to be seen well. When choosing outfits for the family, it can be helpful to lay out everyone's clothes on a bed. If anything looks out-of-place, it should be apparent when you can see them all together. If you're not sure what to wear, I suggest bringing a few outfits. Changing rooms are available in the museum restrooms.


What do I receive?

You receive a CD of the images that we take, along with a signed release. You have my permission to print them, frame them, make Christmas cards and gifts out of them, email them to friends and family, post them on Facebook, or do anything else you want to do with them. It usually takes 2-3 weeks for me to process and ship the images to you.


Who is invited?

Everyone. I encourage you to bring friends and pets - they're a part of the family, too! I stage this event at Maramec Spring every year because it's a relaxing and pet friendly park.


Why is this free / What's the catch / Why are you doing this?

This really is free - ask any of the dozens of families I've photographed at past events. Maramec Spring Park charges $5/car for entry to the park. If you happen to find value in the images that I deliver and you have a few dollars to spare, I ask only that you consider making a donation to the fight against cancer. We'll be taking donations on the day of the event.


What if it rains?

The rain date for this event is Sunday, October 20th, 2013 from 8:00am - 4:00pm.


But I don't like having my picture taken!

I realize that not all of us like to have our photos taken. Please consider this: Family photos aren't just for us - they're also for the loved ones that we leave behind. I can't imagine a more wonderful gift to leave them.


Please feel free to forward this page to anyone who you think might be interested.


This event is sponsored by Bryan A. Thompson and All proceeds from this fundraiser will be donated to the American Cancer Society of Phelps County.


Thank you,

Bryan A. Thompson